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Previous Music projects

Check out some of these teasers for some of the music projects recorded before the dramatic career change (and the full version of Skyline Architect's Munkey Mix).

When they're finished you'll be able to find the full track on iTunes. Enjoy!!!

Little by Little by Majama Tutani


With the elegant finger stylings of Jared Copse (session guitarist) and Majama's beautiful silky vocals, this song is definitely one that'll stop you in your tracks. Majama's sweet yet thought provoking lyrics make this song far more real than your average acoustic track. I hope you find it as relaxing to listen to as it was for me to mix.

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Ghosts by Unsung Munkeyz

Due to be released on iTunes shortly. Check out a taster of the full track underneath the big picture or, if you want to hear what we can do for rappers, have a listen to DA's vocals below.


I stumbled across DA on Facebook. He said he could rap but I didn't realise how good he was. This guy's refreshingly energetic vocal style in the bridge and last chorus adds so much to what was already an awesome track.

Check out this cheeky little teaser of him in action below.

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Sunset to Sunrise by Unsung Munkeyz

Propper summer track, perfect for the beach on those warm summer nights (will be available on iTunes by August).

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Skyline Architect (Munkey Mix) by Tim Parris

This is a cheeky little remix of an old song I created last year. Majama Tutani sang the silky smooth vocals of the original soon to be released as part of the Unsung Munkeyz e.p.

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Previous Projects.

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Skyline Architect (Munkey Mix)

This is a remix of a song I created last year. Featuring Maj Tutani on vocals.

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Our White December

Again, using Maj's amazingly smoothe vocals I am looking to find someone who wants to buy this potential Christmas number 1.

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Move On

Another chillout track perhaps ideal for an advert. I can create stings for the ending and cut it down to taste.

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This is an old ditty I wrote and recorded about 5 years ago. I still bloody love it though!!!

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Electric Skies

Part 1 of the chillout project I'm working on at the moment. :-)


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